Meeting You Where You Are

In business, we want to build systems and processes that are repeatable and scalable as often as possible. Build. Tweak. Sell... Seems easy enough.

Strategic marketing isn’t that simple. Sure — there are standards, benchmarks, case studies, data — but at the end of the day, it’s about communication. And everyone communicates differently.

I founded MKT on the belief that communication, compassion and action result in trust and longer-lasting relationships. MKT is a partnership that focuses on everything human.

Marketing as an industry has been flipped on its head. We’ve officially moved from an outbound methodology to a push for inbound. As technology progresses, audiences clamor for real human interaction, which only succeeds with authenticity and genuine communication.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned so far on my journey is that it’s always better to meet the problem where it is, instead of picking apart the system. To clarify — when a customer is looking at a new cloud product, there are typically two reasons: [a] they want to be viewed as a thought leader or [b] they are trying to meet the demands of their boss and stay relevant. Either way, they’re fighting to keep their job.

This is the singularly most important piece to all things marketing. Whatever service or product out there - there is a human being associated to it. And humans do fear really well - because it’s the easiest thing to feel.

When you embrace the partner that will meet you where you are with honesty, openness, and willingness, you elevate your chances of success. MKT is the catalyst: the how — we build you up with our super strengths so you become the superhero.

We love what we do. We collaborate, connect and change things - for the better. And everyone has a superhero inside (sometimes it takes a super hero to recognize another superhero).