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Armed with the right connections, tools and strategic coaching, we'll help your company scale, and transform your team. When you partner with us, you're investing in your brand, while strengthening your sales and marketing with an army of superheroes.


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Kate Bosche
Authenticity Advocate

Kate is the ultimate connector of tools and people. With her extensive sales, marketing and IT experience, she easily transforms marketing efforts into true returns for your company. Companies scale with a proper foundation in place - and Kate will arm your team with the tools they need to be superhuman.

One word of advice:
brace for impact

“The best way to describe Kate Bosche and how she approaches marketing in IT is creative and authentic. Kate has a keen ability to engage and assess the environment to provide a unique solution to accomplish your specific goals. Kate’s creative marketing ideas and execution of those ideas has been a key factor in helping to grow our business.”
— Rod Wright, Vice President, Central US Sales - Technologent
“I’ve known Kate for 15 years: Kate knows the value in leveraging strength and building an asset bank. She also knows that relationships are key to success - even when she is met with adversity, she can still maintain a common ground with an opponent. She has proven value and growth time and time again.”
— Burney Barker, SVP Global Sales - Dell EMC Converged Platforms
“Kate’s well organized, thorough, and pretty damn smart. That’s a good combination. She does her research to make sure she has a good match between target audience and messages needed to deliver. Everything she touches turns to gold.”
— Bill Schmarzo, CTO - Dell EMC Services Big Data
“Even as a student at SMU, Kate was always thinking about how she could make the very most of every opportunity,
meeting and piece of information she was being exposed to. Kate has been hungry to learn and grow and to do the same
for whomever she is working for at that moment. I’m impressed with her drive and what she has accomplished in a very short amount of time. There is no doubt she continues to bring that energy and intelligence to each new client.”
— Lola Lott, CEO/Owner - charlieuniformtango

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